The body suit was an interesting venture.  What I did for the top was to buy a long sleeve t-shirt, and some dull looking leather material (not real leather, more like vinyl) and stitch the leather to the shirt using the shirt as a pattern.  I stitched the vertical seams at 1.5" apart to create the padded look.  According to others, the width is actually 1", but I dare anyone to spot the 1/2" difference at a distance.

The pants were a different story.  I used a pair of my wife's stretch pants to create a pattern for the pants.  (I had to extend the sides some to make them fit me.)  Once I had a pattern, I made the pants from the same material I used on the shirt, again stitching 1.5" rows in the material for the padded look.

An addition I found that I needed after wearing it was a pair of suspenders to keep the pants up.