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I started working on Vader during August of 2001 when a friend off mine and I started building R2 units for each of us, getting ready for the release of episode II. We thought it would be a good idea if we were in costume, and I happened to have a Darth Vader helmet, and so it began.
As Vader developed, my extremely beautiful, and understanding wife allowed me to build him as close to the movie as possible. We spent a lot of time on it, and tried several methods for each aspect of Vader's pieces. Each piece was a challenge in itself, then putting them together and having them look right.
I have included here different sections showing each piece, and included links to other Vader sites. Hopefully, this will help anyone who is looking to build their own Darth Vader.
Costume Sections
Upper Armor
Cod Piece
Chest Plate
Shin Guards
Inner Cape
Outer Cape
Light Saber
Tips & Tricks
A listing of other websites dedicated to Darth Vader, Star Wars, R2D2, Vendors for parts I used, and my Submitted Pictures Page.
Final Note
A piece of advise I found on another Vader web site is, always remember, for every 1 person that nit-picks something about your costume, there are at least 10 who think that is the best thing they have ever seen. There will always be some one who thinks they could have done better or says something is not like the movie, but an easy way to quiet them up is to ask them where their costume is. This is for fun and enjoyment, and by all means make creating the costume something fun and wholesome for you, but remember, once in the costume, BE VADER. Act like Vader, talk like Vader, walk, stand, and move like Vader. This will be the times people remember your costume. Don't be on the dance floor doing the funky monkey in your Vader costume. I spent countless hours in front of the TV watching Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi watching his mannerisms, speech pattern, and just his essence. Then another set of countless hours in front of a mirror making sure I looked and moved as he did. Each person will take this undertaking differently, so make it your own. This web site is here to show you how I did mine. If you like it, please by all means, use what you find here, if not, please modify my designs or any one else's to make it right for you.
I am always looking forward to hearing others stories and seeing others ideas and designs. Please feel free to email me a link to your web site, or pictures of your project, and I will try to keep them posted here. If there are any questions about anything shown here, please e-mail me, and I will try to explain in better detail.