The gloves were probably one of the most simplest things of all. For them, all I did was go to my local Harley-Davidson Dealer, and look for riding gloves with a gauntlet. One pair I found, although not exact to the movie, did have a "V" stitched on the back of the hand, which I found rather cool for Vader. My local shop has gloves ranging from $30-80, so finding a pair that won't break the bank can be done.


Again, the boots were another simple part of the outfit. I happened to have a pair of what I call "biker boots" made by GBX. These boots come up about 1/3 calf and have a square-like toe. The front of the boot is padded and it has 3 silver buckles on the sides, but with the shin guards on, all you see is the top of the foot.  The rest is hidden. So these worked out well for me. A friend of mine told me that he found here at a local country/western shop (you know cowboy boots and hats) a pair of ridding boots. He is working on a Jedi costume, and told me they had them in brown (for Jedi's) and black (for Sith).

After a little searching, I came across some patent leather boots at Wal-Mart. Granted, they were ladies boots, but the material stretches and it looks more like Vader than does the GBX boots. They cost me about $15.00, and I was lucky enough to find a size big enough, since I wear a size 12 in these boots.

ADDENDUM: (4-15-04)
I found what I call "old man shoes" at Wal-Mart that actually fit me. These are the boots seen worn mainly by older gentlemen (60+ yrs old), and come just above the ankle. I know they are too short to really match, but hey, I'm in it for the fun. To fix this, we have the shin guards covering the front, and for the back, I just made some covers, to make it look like the boots came all the way up.

Shin Guards

The shin guards are a part of the project that has actually been on the back burner. I made a "patch" set using socker shin guards, some vinyl notebooks, and some stuff called "Dippy-Doo" (used for coating handles of tools) that is black. I am making accurate shin guards now. As they develop, I will post pics.