Belt and Cod Piece
The belt was pretty easy.  All I used for it was a PC Card holder, 2 project boxes from Radio Shack, some nylon belt webbing, an Altoid box, some hobby thumb screws, some industrial hose, 2 light lenses, and 4 light covers.
The 2 side boxes are primarily the same, one is just the mirror of the other. For this I used 1 of the Radio Shack 2" X 5" project boxes. I got the silver thumb screws from my local hobby shop.  These are #8 x 3/4". The braiding across the bottom is industrial 3/8" reinforced hose. I got this from a local industrial hose shop. The red light is a jeweled light cover. You can get these from Allied Electronics The 2 green squares are covers that go on lighted push-to-toggle switches. These were bought from a local electronics store. Then everything was measured out, and in the case of the screws, the box was drilled and tapped, and the screws threaded in, and the rest was hot glued into place. The hose on the side was cut thin, and glued on. Many recommended cutting the box and cutting one edge of the hose, then feeding it through. I was going to try this, but the hose I got was so thick, it would not have done correctly.
The only thing left to do now is to add the lights behind the green squares. That is simple and will probably be one of the last things done.
The belt buckle was made from a PC Card holder glued shut and painted black. The silver part was cut out of an Altoid box.
Once the 3 boxes were together, I made the belt. For that I used 2" nylon webbing, wrapped in a leather type material (the same material I used for my body suit ). I hot glued the material to the belt, ran a piece of black duct tape over the seam, and put a quick click connector on.
Now that the belt was made, and the boxes complete, to assemble everything, all I did was burn a hole through the belt and boxes with my soldering iron, and run a zip tie through the holes.  Another note, When I made the side boxes, I kept the cover to the box and used the supplied screws to screw the cover on. The zip ties are going through the cover of the box. Now if I want to add lights, or make a change, I just unscrew the box, and make my changes. I did the same concept on the chest plate.



Red Light Cover

Industrial Hose


The cod piece was just some plastic 3 ring binders cut up for a base, then covered with a spongy material and then covered with a shiny leather like material similar to the dull material used for the body suit and belt. All I used to attach it was another piece of nylon webbing and another quick click connector.
Normally you can find the click connectors I'm talking about at a dive shop, or an outdoors shop.