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(Created 4-27-03)
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This began as a small & easy costume to change into during conventions. After wearing Vader for 3 hours, you tend to get tired & hot. So I made a simple SG-1 costume so I can still stay in a costume.
As SG-Command separates the various regions of the world into SG groups, my group would be SG-9. However, so far, I have not joined SG-Command. I am also a person who prefers to make as close to movie/tv as possible. So, since it is SG-1, and the primary characters are members of SG-1, my gear is arround SG-1, seasons 1-3. In these seasons, they used an MP-5 assault weapon, instead of the later P-90. I am also fashioning it after Daniel Jackson, so I have a little lee-way on weapons.
For starters, you can check out Stargate Command for some good information. We built it off our knowledge of US military attire. We got a set of millitary Battle Dress Uniforms in woodland green, and bought the SG-1 patches at Dragon-CON. You can also find them online on Ebay. We sewed the patches on the BDU's in the right spots, and bought the tactial leg holster from Cheaper Than Dirt along with an Airsoft MP-5 and a 1911 combat pistol. Plus, these parts are used on my Punisher costume. Talk about multi-tasking. Now, the hardest part was the tactical vest they wear. I ended up ordering it through a Blackhawk dealer. The vest they wear is a Blackhawk Tactial Medic Vest. For the longest time, I had difficulty finding "the vest" they wore. I kept looking at shotgun tactical, or other styles, until I stumbled across the model they use on SG Command. Word or warning, the vest is expensive, so be ready.
Now for the pics. Here is how I have done it. I will be adding more as I get them made. I will also add pics of the individual parts/pieces soon.
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