The Punisher
in Lower Alabama
(Updated 7-18-05)
[more to come soon]
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This began as a small & easy costume to change into during conventions. After wearing Vader for 3 hours, you tend to get tired & hot.
HISTORY of my costume
I never really understood the "depth" of The Punisher. I knew he was a comic book character, and they recently made a movie based on the comic book. I studied what pictures I could find on the net, and talking with friends who are big into comic books.
As I found out at the very beginning, his costume was rather simple. A long leather trench coat, black BDU pants (military Battle Dress Uniform), and the shirt. Oh, the shirt. The hard part. Luckily, there is a store (Hot Topic) that sells the Punisher t-shirt. Plus the belt buckle. Lucky me.
SO after I got my BDU's and my shirt, I already had the coat (another BIG plus), now the next trick is to get the weapons. I knew he carried basically as many weapons as he could get on him at one time. So, I ordered a double shoulder holster, a right leg tactical holster (which also works for my SG-1 costume. Talk about multi-tasking), and a bunch of airsoft pistols. I ordered 3 1911 combat airsoft pistols from Cheaper Than Dirt. For about $20.00 a piece, you can't go wrong. And another plus, the pistol works as my sidearm for SG-1. Again with the multi-tasking. I also had an MP-5 airsoft weapon that got from Cheaper Than Dirt for SG-1 (any doubts on that one?). So there is one error in my costume. The Punisher uses an M-4. But I plan on ordering an M-4 Airsoft from Cheaper Than Dirt soon to make this one correct.
As with most costumes, especially ones from comic books/movies, you have to pick one concept and go with it.  For those of you who know comic books well, you can tell from my pics that I have chosen to re-create the movie Punisher.  For those of you who do not know the comic book, to the right is a picture to show the comic book version.  You can look at the picture at the top and see there is a difference.  I preferred the movie to the comic book mainly because of simplicity, but also easier construction.
In the process of "updating" not only the Punisher, but SG-1 as well, I bought from Cheaper Than Dirt an airsoft M-4, an airsoft P-90, plus all the side arms I would ever want. SO now I have 3 pistols, an MP-5, a P-90, and an M-4.
Now for the specs I have decided on.  Again, I based my Punisher on the movie.  The bio created from the movie shows him as Francis (Frank) Castle, born in 1968, "died" around March/April 2003.  Height and weight are not given, but here is where you can use the comic book for fill-in.  H/W is 6' 0" and 200 lbs.  Hair is black, eyes blue.  The general bio information that most already know.  Background in the Marine Corps, F.B.I., etc.  That is the information on Frank Castle, and as stated in the movie, "Frank Castle is dead."  The Punisher was "born" in August 2003. (again, extracting all this information from the movie and the dates given within.)
Now for the pics. Here is how I have done it. I will be adding more as I get them made. I will also add pics of the individual parts/pieces soon.
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