Vader's BikeWreck of 21 June 2004
Ok, here's the story. On June 21, 2004 I was riding home from Karate on Ross Clark Cir. 2 ladies were in a collision about 4 minutes before I was to arrive at the intersection of Ross Clark Cir & Kent Dr. Once the collision was over, the 2 ladies decide to move their vehicles from the road to a parking lot near the intersection. During the collision, a bumper was torn off one of the cars. (Here is some opinionated statements) The 2 dumbasses decided NOT to get the bumper out of traffic & leave it! (back to facts) I come up on the site, and see something in the road. I have no time to react & I hit the bumper going somewhere between 45 & 55. The bike is "ramped" upwards in the air about 4 feet! I stay on the bike. As I come down, I land the bike and keep it on its wheels. The bike never turned over. How cool is that? I hit so hard the engine shuts off. I coast for about 1/10th of a mile and pull over.
Now for the sad parts....the pics.