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February 2004
We have had a good year. Brooke is going into her second year at Dothan Medical Associates working in the Lab, which has gotten recent awards for excellence. Chris is going on his third year with Higgins Electric as their Industrial Programmer.
As of yet, still no children or any on the way.
We are still ridding our motorcycles when we get the chance. We have plans to take them down to Panama City, FL this year, plus attending several bike fest in the area. Take a look at what Chris or Brooke has done to their bikes.
We are planning our anniversary trip this year, going back to Dragon-CON in Atlanta, GA.
We will start posting pictures of our vacation exploits (as soon as we go on some).
March 2004
We found us a pretty good deal on a Jeep Wrangler. We had been looking for one for a while, and this just happened. You can look at it here to see what we do to it and what we do with it.
April 2004
Making great accomplishments on Vader and our other costumes.

Another side note, Chris evaluated with Sensei Elmar Schmeisser , a Rokudan (6th degree black belt) in ISOK and was told with the proper preparation, with the right people, I could be ready to test for his Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in about 6 months. Sensei Schmeisser said that I was a good Shotokan Shodan (1st degree black belt) candidate, meaning since I did not test, I was not awarded Shotokan Shodan, but my performace showed that I would have a good chance to pass the test.
June 2004
Only news here, is that on June 21, Chris had a small bike accident. You can view the details here.
August 2004
It has been a bit since we updated this area. And for good reason....not much has happened. We are getting ready for Dragon-CON in Atlanta GA. This year isn't going to be as great. We had some major setbacks with Vader, so h won't be going, kinda sad, but my Stargate SG-1 is ready and going, and I was able to make a Punisher Costume pretty easy, so he is going also. The pictures from DC will be up as soon as they get taken. You can look here for the pics. Brooke has been able to make her a few costumes, she has got Electra from DareDevil and Michelle Chang from Tekken 2, and some general costumes for the scene. Really other that that, we haven't been up to much. We were able to take a trip to New Orleans with some friends, you can see the pics here .

On another note, the bike repairs have started. I have the engine repaired, and now I am waiting on the air intake from Cruiser Performanceand my custom pipes from Wild Card Customs. At the same time, We are working on a completely custom paint job for the bike, we will post pictures as it is being done.
Gift ideas for Family
I know it has a "Buy me something" feel to put that link up, but we have such weird tastes and activities, I figured it would be easier for everyone if they had a list that we kept up for gift ideas. That way, when birthdays or Christmas rolls around, everyone has a good idea of what we are looking for. Just trying to make life simpler for all.